Hash Generator and Validation Tool


This tool will generate hash strings to validate directories and files, in the same vein as hashdeep or fciv. I wrote it after giving up trying to find a decent tool to validate my backups. Although many tools like the two previously mentioned will generate hash files for directory trees, none seem to support maintaining those files as the trees change over time. Hash has many options to keep the hash files, and the files the hashes were generated from, in sync.

Hash can be built for Windows or Linux, and supports many types of hashes, including CRC (any), HAVAL, MD5, MD6, SHA-2, SHA-3, Tiger, Whirlpool, etc. It fully supports Unicode file names, with no limit on length (Windows, itself, has a limit of 32,767 characters).

Please see readme.txt in the zip file for information on how to build and run the tool, help.txt on how to use the tool, and changes.txt for changes.

Hash makes use of zlib, md6, and sphlib (github) to generate hash values.

Current version:  2.0.4

Any comments or questions, please email me.

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